NHS All-Age Continuing Care Specialists

At UB Healthcare, we are committed to working in partnership with health and care organisations to deliver financial and operational efficiencies and even better outcomes for service users. To help you do that, we offer a unique combination of transformation and operational delivery services. We believe passionately in our core values of partnership, integrity, accountability, authenticity, and quality. We will always strive to deliver cost-effective solutions.


Our services are grouped into three areas:

Transformation, Service Design, and Improvement

We can help with the formation of ICSs and ICBs by aligning processes, policies, and procedures for merging continuing healthcare departments, CHC education and training, workforce capacity evaluation, ongoing transformation delivery, and more.

Operational Delivery

We deliver cost-effective fully managed clinical services such as assessments of new applications for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care as well as reviews (CHC, FNC, Section 117, Joint Funded, Fast Track/EoL) of existing patients. Complex case management, appeals, disputes and complaints management, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)/LPS assessments, procurement, and care brokerage, D2A services, personal health budget (PHB) implementation, including personal discharge grants (one-off PHBs)  

Finance Management Services

To ensure ICBs/ICSs are paying the right amount of money for the care they commission for their clients, we provide cost-saving invoice reconciliation and query resolution service on a risk share basis. We also manage personal health budgets (PHBs)/direct payments to provide assurance and governance

Transformation Services

As independent experts, we are well placed to help you evaluate your services, especially as you establish your ICB/ICS. UB Healthcare offers a complete transformation and consultancy service.


Our service offerings include:

A robust review of processes, procedures and policies

The review’s objective is to understand the structure of causality relations – moving from a position of inference to concrete conclusions. The review will evaluate existing policies, processes, and procedures to ensure the best outcomes for individuals and value for money CHC commissioning.

Sustainable service transformation, redesign and improvement

We offer a comprehensive CHC turnaround and improvement service. Based on the maturity matrix developed for the NHS CHC Strategic Improvement Programme, which aims to provide fair access to NHS Continuing Healthcare in a way which ensures: better outcomes, better experiences and better use of resources.

Workforce capacity appraisal and structure design

We will work with you to develop a capacity and delivery model and workforce structure for your All-Age Continuing Care service that is future-proofed and able to meet all local, national, and regional performance expectations.

Independent governance and clinical review

We focus on quality improvement and innovation that prioritises inclusion and health equity to ensure safe and effective care for individuals. Our expert team includes Senior nurses experienced in carrying out whole-scale process and clinical practice reviews as well as individual clinical case reviews.

PHB/personalisation full-service reviews and management

The NHS Long Term Plan mandates personalised care should become business as usual across the health and care systems. UB Healthcare is working with partners to review processes to increase take-up and improve management of PHBs, ensuring clinical and financial assurance to commissioners. This includes Hospital Discharge Grants (one-off PHBs),

CHC education and training

UB Healthcare offers a bespoke CHC education and training service. Ideal for merging health and care departments following ICS/ICB integration.  Our training ensures alignment in the understanding of the CHC National Framework and its application.

Transformation Leadershi

Ongoing transformational leadership implements service improvement recommendations and ensures sustainable ongoing service delivery.


Clinical Management Services

At UB Healthcare, we can take away the day-to-day operational challenges so you can concentrate on far more urgent matters. We are here to reduce risk and raise quality in operational delivery. We can support you with:

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Checklist Screening

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessments

Reviews (CHC, LD, FNC, Section 117s, Joint Funded, EoL/Fast Tracks)

Complex Case Management (Including Court of Protection proceedings representation)

Appeals, disputes, and complaints management

Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) delivery and case management

Hospital discharge grants (one-off PHBs)

Care commissioning services

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs)/LPS

Discharge to Assess care coordination and pathway design



Financial Management Services

UB Healthcare is dedicated to ensuring our clients only pay for the appropriate care and support package commissioned to meet the needs of the individual. We work by a straightforward rule: Right care. Right payment. Right time.

Increased accuracy of payments

We can deliver a finance reconciliation recovery service on behalf of your CCG to highlight and recover misspent funds from health and social care on a risk share basis.

 Absolute reassurance

We will make sure there are no incorrect payments and deliver consistent day-to-day invoicing validation. We can help provide query management, liaise with providers, and deliver a resolution on outstanding invoices. We will ensure fast payments, highlight mis-payments, and manage processes on your behalf.

As a result, you get complete assurance on your payments. We deliver financial efficiencies which enable you to reinvest in services. Care providers get the right amount of money, right on time.

If you want expert support with transformational procedures, come to us. Come to us if you want actual delivery on the ground to get things done. Either way, we can help you deliver greater consistency, better results, and the chance to harvest the rewards of years of accumulated best practice. Our services are designed to achieve all quality standards and procedures stipulated within the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care. This enables us to support our clients to meet the NHS System Oversight Framework